Awe-inspiring landscapes and unique culture is what Ladakh is known for. Massive glaciers, cold deserts and high peaks covered in snow are the main topography in this region but there are also breathtakingly beautiful rivers and lakes that completely captivate you. These rivers and lakes are also ample rafting opportunities.

One of the best things about India is that it is quite easy to find and a good and cheap car rental services and go sightseeing on your own or decide to take a tour by renting a taxi, a very popular occupation in the entire region of India. Taking sightseeing tours or going river rafting are just some of the activities in Ladakh but there is so much more to do around here.

LadakhOur of many things one can see and experience in Ladakh is the Llams performing their cheerful and colourful Chhams. To be able to truly feel the spirit of Ladakh, you have to see and experience the magnetism of the drama dance and the formidable masks and flaunting vibrant clothes. The best places to get into all this is attending the Ladakh Festival or the Hemis Festival.

You will be fully mesmerized by the magic of the colorful dance. Ladakh is also known mostly for Snow Leopards as they only live in a few more places around the globe. To spot such a beautiful animal in its natural habitat is more than breathtaking and it is no wonder that the snow leopard trek is one of the most visited and popular attractions and things to see in Ladakh.

The Hemis National Park is the home to more than 200 of these beautiful creatures which are unfortunately extremely endangered and can be seen only in winter. Despite being far away from the rest of the world, India is really well connected with the rest of the globe. It is pretty much very easy to find cheap flights or get a travel insurance. There is nothing to keep you from enjoying here so prepare yourself for the absolutely best time of your life.