Homestays in Kerala

Homestays in Kerala

If you are looking for homestays or hotels in Kerala, you will be very pleased to know that there are numerous possibilities and options when it comes to that. There are more than amazing air & hotel travel deals and it is quite easy to book a hotel but homestays are the most popular here. Homestays were meant to provide travelers and passengers with all the necessary facilities and comforts of a home regardless of the duration of the stay.

The best thing about the homestays is that they are incredibly cheap and simply perfect for exploring the lows and highs of Kerala. The hospitality here is famous all over the world as local families are totally used to receiving guests from all across the globe. It is exactly that hospitality that is a very significant and important part of the culture of people in Kerala area.

To be able to experience this hospitality first hand and enjoy interacting and exchanging cultural influences with the local folks is quite a unique feeling. Indian culture by itself is very diverse so experiencing something like this would be like having a role in the Indiana Jones movie, full of wonders, adventures and excitement.

How popular homestays in this area are says the fact that there is a research to find out which homestay in Kerala is the best. The answer is Ben’s Homestay. If you are planning on visiting, this would be your top choice when it comes to homestays. Not only that you will be able to enjoy the more than overwhelmingly beautiful and majestic Cochin backwaters in the sunset as well as the hammocks in the trees, but you will get a chance to stay in an independent bungalow that was newly built.

With a beautiful decoration and formidable layout, you will have all that you need like veranda or the outside bathroom. One of the best things about this particular homestays is that it is located in an extremely peaceful environment but still close enough to the nearest airport of Cochin which is very convenient for transfers.