How To “Survive” In India

How To “Survive” In India

The story always begins at the airport of one of the great Hindu cities. It can be Delhi, Mumbai or some third megalomaniac airport where modern aircraft leave us in the cloud of dust. Traveling to India can be very expensive so it’s best to use some of the sites where cheap flights are offered and do not forget that you need very good travel insurance.

Our Hindu story starts when you land in India. For travelers who wish explore India, there are big problems: how to reach Delhi, the Old Bazaar… there is always a driver from a fake taxi company who, in the early hours of the morning, when most of the planes land in India, starts with a story about how all the hotels are full while driving you through the unusual suburbs of this overpopulated city. Most of the passengers spend the first night in some of the expensive but modest hotels. Prices for the first day reach more than a hundred dollars, depending on the scenarios that the taxi driver arranges for you. For your safety, it is best to ask in advance what is the best airport taxi service. As far as accommodation is concerned, it is best to book your hotels early and strongly urge your driver to lead you to the desired address.

The first full day

shopsThe next day runs in complete uncertainty about the world around us. Nothing is the way it should look. The store is not a store, the street is not a street, traffic is not traffic. The traveler often needs a few hours to get bottled water and a regular store. In such a mixture of colors, streets, faces, mind, and perception of a normal person can not separate things so quickly, it all gets a homogeneous amorphous form of fusion of chaos. India can be very confusing and if you are not sure how to get into it initially, it may be best to explore air & hotel travel deals, and various travel packages. It is very easy to get lost in this large, densely populated country.

Then the eyes start slowly and to distinguish faces, shops from shops, pavement streets, moving movements, backward, chewing tobacco shop, candy shop from fabrics and fabrics, and things start to work more normally. To travel through India, take as little things as possible to move as smoothly as possible through the eternal crowd and illogical trends of movement, as well as the strange means of transportation of India. Six seats for ten people in a jeep are standard. If this does not suit you, try to find good local taxi numbers.

But do not worry. In a very short time you will meet this fantastic country, adapt, become part of it, and India will become part of you, and you will not be able to believe that you have ever been confused in this country. Just use trusted businesses for your travels and transport, and you will be just fine.