The Himalayan range is really gigantic and there, situated almost entirely on the mountains, stands Uttarakhand. It is known for numerous hill stations where anyone who is into wonders of nature can enjoy the salubrious weather, captivating views and serene environs.

The majestic splendor of the Doon Valley, the amazing view of Shivalik ranges, or the highly varied flora and fauna or the lush green hills, everything in Uttarakhand is a literal feast for the eyes. It is no wonder that it attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists and nature lovers who just can’t have enough of what their eyes see.

As all of it is not already enough, there’s the Lake District which is also known as the most popular and visited honeymoon destination India has to offer. This glittering jewel only emphasizes the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains even more. Surrounded by nature’s bounty and small but mesmerizing lakes, Nainital is a heaven on Earth and a true gem in the region of Uttarakhand.

If some of you are looking for the best skiing destinations, don’t you worry, India has a little something for everyone. Auli is one of the most recommended destinations for skiing in India and all over the world the lovers of this sport are gathering to hit those snowy slopes. When we are talking about the hill stations, we can’t but mention Ranikhet which translates to Queens Land.

If you are a nature admirer, this is the place where you come to enjoy the beauty of nature. The majestic view of the pine trees is quite charming but it’s the Himalayas panoramic view combined with the singing of birds, the scented mountain breeze and lush green forests that truly add to the heavenly feeling.

Many people think that India is all about moisture and hot weather but they are greatly wrong. The true beauty of India lies in the mountain range that provides the enchanting view and people who like the mountains will be able to enjoy more than splendid views of the crimson sun rays and excellent airport taxi service.