Incredible India, Amazing India, Mesmerizing India, Unbelievable India and like these the county is being ornamented by so many names and all these names are so true to grace the beauty of this country. India being one of most culturally rich country has its very own identity when it comes to tourism. India is a large country which is compact with 29 states and 7 union territories. Each of them is uniquely different from other one. On one hand you experience the snow capped mountains in the north and on other hand you will see the plush green surroundings in the south. Each place is having its own culture, traditions, flora, fauna, life style and heritage.

According to tourism of India, if you wish to see the true color of the country you must take the Golden Triangle Tours in India.  Here we will give you each and every single detail about all the cities that falls in this tour packages. All these cities are beautiful and nicely painted in the chapters of history. So if you are visiting India for the first time you will have no better options than travelling these cities. Delhi Jaipur Agra Tours offers you a visit to these three cities which are culturally rich and filled with charming heritages, majestic monuments, art and crafts, architecture, folk dance and music, religious places, naturally wild life centuries and parks and everything that will make your tour a memorable one.

If you really wish to experience the true spirit of India, we suggest you to visit all these three cities. Each of them is different from each other whether it’s their food culture or monuments, if it is art and crafts or if its life style, each of them has their own unique style which gives you a fine idea of India being the country which believes in unity in diversity. The amalgamation of different culture, traditions, history comes all together in a single package. Generally in terms of Indian Tourism industry, the Tour of Golden Triangle compact with three beautiful Indian cities that fill you vacations with lots of adventure and linger in your memories for the rest of the life.

To start with, the Package Tours of Delhi Jaipur Agra, commence with the capital of India, Delhi. The city is also known as the heart of India, Delhi comes as the first destination which is one of the best 4 metropolitan cities of India. The city has its own charm and life style. The history of India is glorious ever since from the time, the history of India being noted. Before even the history starts, the city was called Indraprasth which was considered as the home of Pandavas (5 brothers from Indian epic Mahabharata). Later the city has been rule by many kings including Tomars, Khilji Dynasty, Tughluq Empire, The Suri Dynasty, The Mighty Mughals and the British. Each of them has contributed to this country’s culture and heritage in a different way. The majestic monuments, the hustle baazars, the tehzeeb (manners), the rich culture, arts and architecture are highly influence by these empires. Delhi is classified as Old and New Delhi and each of them has its own beauty. On one hand old Delhi has congested street, tight clustered homes, old styled shops and very famous Chandni Chowk. On the other hand Old Delhi gives you the flavors of luxury Delhi hotel, Shopping malls, contemporary eating joints and tourist places like India Gate of Delhi, Connaught Place, Parliament House, Humayun’s Tomb and India’s President House.

Situated on the banks of Yamuna, Agra has its specialty when it comes to food, culture, monuments and sweet dishes. The city houses three UNESCO declared world heritage sites, is visited by thousands of travellers during a year. These three heritage sites include Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Your Tour Packages of Golden Triangle in India will include your visit to the 7th wonder of the world that is Taj Mahal. The beautiful sunrise view of the Taj will linger in your memory for the rest of your life. The rich culture and traditions of Agra will give the fine picture of Mughal era. Agra was also once served as the capital of capital of India during Mughal era. The city of Agra has congested roads, old styled markets, friendly Urdu speaking people which all give you the mirror image of the times of the Mughals.  The Major attractions of the city are its majestic architectures, beautiful culture and mesmerizing traditions.  The sign of eternal love Taj Mahal is one which is visited by lakhs of visitors every day and this epitome of love will enchants you with its beauty.  Some other Agra attractions are Afra Fort, Itimad –Ud Daulah, Akbar’s Tomb, Sikandara and Enchanting Fatehpur Sikri. The Mughal styled cuisines will definitely mesmerize you with its scrumptious taste and the very famous sweet dish Petha which is made up of pumpkin is a Agra specialty. As far as shopping is concerned you can buy, hand made goods with embroidery work, beads work and wooden work will sure enhance your shopping experience.

The next destination in this Golden Triangle Tours is the capital of Rajasthan, the pink city Jaipur. Natural beauty, quiet surroundings, welcoming people, rich cuisine and magnificent forts, sprinkle with the welcoming color of Pink makes Jaipur more special. The city celebrates its birthday on 19th November every year. It was founded in Founded in year 1727 A.D, the city is named after its founder Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Jaipur has a perfect blend of culture and traditions with contemporary era. On one hand you can see the beautiful traditional villages, small shops, people wearing colorful cloths and heavy jewelry and on the other hand you will see magnificent super markets, lavish hotels, cinema halls and a perfect picture of a modern society.  During your Golden Triangle Trip in Jaipur, you will get to see majestic forts like Hawa Mahal (wind palace), Nargarh Fort, Amber Fort, City Palace and Jaigarh Fort, each has its own story to tell you and a power to give a tour to Royal Bygone era of the Kings of Jaipur.

Jaipur is so strategically planned that you can find specific market for specific things for eg. if you wish to buy jewelry you can visit Johri bazar, for cloths Bapu Baza and for electronics Jayanti bazar. The folk music and dance of the city has its own style which is loved and adored by all. Historically speaking the city is designed on the bases of the Vastu Sastra.

All the cities mentioned above have its’ own magic and charm. But what add value to these differently styled cities is that, though they are having totally different culture, tradition and lifestyle but all these three cities standing with the true spirit of India which is Unity in diversity. Through this Golden Triangle Tours in India, you can treasured these pearls of culture, traditions and values that are roped in the single thread of secularism, ornamenting this beautiful country named India.


List of Golden Triangle Tour Packages


2 Nights 3 Days Golden Triangle Tour

Beautiful houses painted in pinks, traditional markets featuring the Mughal era and rich heritage surrounded by the modern era. Yes we are here talking about the three most beautiful cities of India.

3 Nights 4 Days Golden Triangle Tour

If you are a lover of rich delicious food you should visit Jaipur where you can taste the scrumptious food filled in the dollop of butter and ghee. The traditional markets of Agra are the treat for shopping maniacs where you will fall in love with the handicrafts of the city. The majestic monuments in Delhi will just make you speechless.

4 Nights 5 Days Golden Triangle Tour

Travelling to India for the time? Want to visit the best of the best places in the country? You are in the luck then. We have brought to you 4 nights 5 days Golden Triangle Tour which will help you to visit the beautiful sites that will make your India tour memorable.

5 Nights 6 Days Golden Triangle Tour

India is the land of wonders. One of the most unique things that make the tourist in India wonder is the quality of unity in diversity in this country. Different culture, different traditions, different life style yet united, unbend and unbroken is this the land of India. It is simply not easy to know each and everything in a stipulated time.

6 Nights 7 Days Golden Triangle Tours

If you are planning to visit India for the first time then you have no better options then visiting the Golden Triangle of India. Under 6 nights 7 days Golden Triangle Tours you will get to get visit the most beautiful cities of the country. You will love the Heritage of Delhi

7 Nights 8 Days Golden Triangle Tour with Ranthambore

The beautiful journey of 7 Nights/ 8 days tour will take you to visit various forts, palaces, monuments, temples and a famous Ranthambore National park.  You will be captivated by the iconic Taj Mahal and the old monuments of the Agra.

8 Nights 9 Days A Golden Triangle Tour with Goa

Welcome to the incredible India. During your 8 Nights 9 Days A Golden Triangle Tour with Goa you will visit the National Capital of India- Delhi, the city of Taj-Agra, the Pink City of Rajasthan-Jaipur and the Land of beaches-Goa.

Golden Triangle Tour Packages with Varanasi

One of the most amazing and rich tour packages is A Golden Triangle Tour in India. It is famous for its palaces, forts and ancient monuments. Agra, Delhi and Jaipur are all rich in culture, traditions and heritage. What adds values in this package is the visit to Varanasi.

Golden Triangle Tour with Amritsar

There is no other country like India which will fill you with surprises on every step. Its beautiful culture, traditions and historic royal stories mesmerizes you on every stage of your tour. Just like all this Golden Triangle Tour with Amritsar fill you with all excitement and thrill.

Golden Triangle Tour with Udaipur

Indian Tourism is bestowed with the most amazing places like Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. These cities are culturally rich and offer its guests amazing memories of life time.