There is quite an ominous and eerie story behind Chor Minar in Delhi or as the world knows it, the Tower of Thieves. It is a tower where the thieves were decapitated for their crimes. This historical place is one of the most famous things to see when in India and it is really bizarre. The Tower has holes in it which were used to display the severed heads of the thieves.

This used to be a tradition of the old during the Khiljis era as a measure of prevention against theft in the old Indian empire. Located in the region of Hauz Khas, this tower hails from the 13th century and it was built by Alauddin Khilji, the barbarian ruler. It is known for its unique arched recesses and minaret that stands in the center of a platform.

To reach the top, you must follow the spiral staircase. If you approach the tower from the east, there is a passage that looks rather horrifying, especially by night. There is a total of 225 holes in the tower. In case that the number of heads exceeded the number of holes, they took out the less important ones to pile them outside the tower in a pyramid.

Apart from that time, today this tower is covered in the green patch and it is a place where people come to enjoy their evenings, without having a clue as to where they are or about the story behind this infamous tower. Since it has been locked for centuries, no one can enter but they can only look at the whole construction.

It is said that many producers of horror movies went to this location to get some inspiration for their works as well as numerous history lovers and experts who are always looking for new findings and revelations. Still, rumor has it that in the late of the night, you can hear the screams of all the executed thieves, still trapped in the walls of the tower, never to escape. Numerous travel packages in India include this place as well.