Things To Do In Ladakh

Things To Do In Ladakh

Awe-inspiring landscapes and unique culture is what Ladakh is known for. Massive glaciers, cold deserts and high peaks covered in snow are the main topography in this region but there are also breathtakingly beautiful rivers and lakes that completely captivate you. These rivers and lakes are also ample rafting opportunities.

One of the best things about India is that it is quite easy to find and a good and cheap car rental services and go sightseeing on your own or decide to take a tour by renting a taxi, a very popular occupation in the entire region of India. Taking sightseeing tours or going river rafting are just some of the activities in Ladakh but there is so much more to do around here.

LadakhOur of many things one can see and experience in Ladakh is the Llams performing their cheerful and colourful Chhams. To be able to truly feel the spirit of Ladakh, you have to see and experience the magnetism of the drama dance and the formidable masks and flaunting vibrant clothes. The best places to get into all this is attending the Ladakh Festival or the Hemis Festival.

You will be fully mesmerized by the magic of the colorful dance. Ladakh is also known mostly for Snow Leopards as they only live in a few more places around the globe. To spot such a beautiful animal in its natural habitat is more than breathtaking and it is no wonder that the snow leopard trek is one of the most visited and popular attractions and things to see in Ladakh.

The Hemis National Park is the home to more than 200 of these beautiful creatures which are unfortunately extremely endangered and can be seen only in winter. Despite being far away from the rest of the world, India is really well connected with the rest of the globe. It is pretty much very easy to find cheap flights or get a travel insurance. There is nothing to keep you from enjoying here so prepare yourself for the absolutely best time of your life.

Tour Packages of Golden Triangle

Tour Packages of Golden Triangle

Incredible India, Amazing India, Mesmerizing India, Unbelievable India and like these the county is being ornamented by so many names and all these names are so true to grace the beauty of this country. India being one of most culturally rich country has its very own identity when it comes to tourism. India is a large country which is compact with 29 states and 7 union territories. Each of them is uniquely different from another one.

According to tourism of India, if you wish to see the true color of the country you must take the Golden Triangle Tours in India.  Here we will give you each and every single detail about all the cities that falls in this tour packages. All these cities are beautiful and nicely painted in the chapters of history. So if you are visiting India for the first time you will have no better options than travelling these cities. Delhi Jaipur Agra Tours offers you a visit to these three cities which are culturally rich and filled with charming heritages, majestic monuments, art and crafts, architecture, folk dance and music, religious places, naturally wild life centuries and parks and everything that will make your tour a memorable one.

If you really wish to experience the true spirit of India, we suggest you to visit all these three cities. Each of them is different from each other whether it’s their food culture or monuments, if it is art and crafts or if its life style, each of them has their own unique style which gives you a fine idea of India being the country which believes in unity in diversity. The amalgamation of different culture, traditions, history comes all together in a single package. Generally in terms of Indian Tourism industry, the Tour of Golden Triangle compact with three beautiful Indian cities.

According to tourism of IndiaTo start with, the Package Tours of Delhi Jaipur Agra, commence with the capital of India, Delhi. The city is also known as the heart of India, Delhi comes as the first destination which is one of the best 4 metropolitan cities of India. The city has its own charm and life style. The history of India is glorious ever since from the time, the history of India being noted. Before even the history starts, the city was called Indraprasth which was considered as the home of Pandavas (5 brothers from Indian epic Mahabharata). Later the city has been rule by many kings including Tomars, Khilji Dynasty, Tughluq Empire, The Suri Dynasty, The Mighty Mughals and the British. Each of them has contributed to this country’s culture and heritage in a different way. The majestic monuments, the hustle baazars, the tehzeeb (manners), the rich culture, arts and architecture are highly influence by these empires. Delhi is classified as Old and New Delhi and each of them has its own beauty. On one hand old Delhi has congested street, tight clustered homes, old styled shops and very famous Chandni Chowk. On the other hand Old Delhi gives you the flavors of luxury Delhi hotel, Shopping malls, contemporary eating joints and tourist places like India Gate of Delhi, Connaught Place, Parliament House, Humayun’s Tomb and India’s President House.

Yamuna, AgraSituated on the banks of Yamuna, Agra has its specialty when it comes to food, culture, monuments and sweet dishes. The city houses three UNESCO declared world heritage sites, is visited by thousands of travellers during a year. These three heritage sites include Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Your Tour Packages of Golden Triangle in India will include your visit to the 7th wonder of the world that is Taj Mahal. The beautiful sunrise view of the Taj will linger in your memory for the rest of your life. The rich culture and traditions of Agra will give the fine picture of Mughal era. Agra was also once served as the capital of capital of India during Mughal era. The city of Agra has congested roads, old styled markets, friendly Urdu speaking people which all give you the mirror image of the times of the Mughals.  The Major attractions of the city are its majestic architectures, beautiful culture and mesmerizing traditions.  The sign of eternal love Taj Mahal is one which is visited by lakhs of visitors every day and this epitome of love will enchants you with its beauty.  Some other Agra attractions are Afra Fort, Itimad –Ud Daulah, Akbar’s Tomb, Sikandara and Enchanting Fatehpur Sikri. The Mughal styled cuisines will definitely mesmerize you with its scrumptious taste and the very famous sweet dish Petha which is made up of pumpkin is a Agra specialty.

Golden Triangle ToursThe next destination in this Golden Triangle Tours is the capital of Rajasthan, the pink city Jaipur. Natural beauty, quiet surroundings, welcoming people, rich cuisine and magnificent forts, sprinkle with the welcoming color of Pink makes Jaipur more special. The city celebrates its birthday on 19th November every year. It was founded in Founded in year 1727 A.D, the city is named after its founder Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Jaipur has a perfect blend of culture and traditions with contemporary era. On one hand you can see the beautiful traditional villages, small shops, people wearing colorful cloths and heavy jewelry and on the other hand you will see magnificent super markets, lavish hotels, cinema halls and a perfect picture of a modern society.  During your Golden Triangle Trip in Jaipur, you will get to see majestic forts like Hawa Mahal (wind palace), Nargarh Fort, Amber Fort, City Palace and Jaigarh Fort, each has its own story to tell you and a power to give a tour to Royal Bygone era of the Kings of Jaipur.

India is a land of charm and magic but it’s the unique culture diversity, lifestyle and tradition that really add value to all these amazing cities. each known for it’s own lifestyle. That is why people of India say that these three cities are the true spirit of India.

Hill stations In Uttarakhand

Hill stations In Uttarakhand

The Himalayan range is really gigantic and there, situated almost entirely on the mountains, stands Uttarakhand. It is known for numerous hill stations where anyone who is into wonders of nature can enjoy the salubrious weather, captivating views and serene environs.

The majestic splendor of the Doon Valley, the amazing view of Shivalik ranges, or the highly varied flora and fauna or the lush green hills, everything in Uttarakhand is a literal feast for the eyes. It is no wonder that it attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists and nature lovers who just can’t have enough of what their eyes see.

As all of it is not already enough, there’s the Lake District which is also known as the most popular and visited honeymoon destination India has to offer. This glittering jewel only emphasizes the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains even more. Surrounded by nature’s bounty and small but mesmerizing lakes, Nainital is a heaven on Earth and a true gem in the region of Uttarakhand.

If some of you are looking for the best skiing destinations, don’t you worry, India has a little something for everyone. Auli is one of the most recommended destinations for skiing in India and all over the world the lovers of this sport are gathering to hit those snowy slopes. When we are talking about the hill stations, we can’t but mention Ranikhet which translates to Queens Land.

If you are a nature admirer, this is the place where you come to enjoy the beauty of nature. The majestic view of the pine trees is quite charming but it’s the Himalayas panoramic view combined with the singing of birds, the scented mountain breeze and lush green forests that truly add to the heavenly feeling.

Many people think that India is all about moisture and hot weather but they are greatly wrong. The true beauty of India lies in the mountain range that provides the enchanting view and people who like the mountains will be able to enjoy more than splendid views of the crimson sun rays and excellent airport taxi service.

Adventure Activities To Do In Rishikesh

Adventure Activities To Do In Rishikesh

Outdoor activities can easily turn into an adventure if you end up around Rishikesh. This place simply has the charm to take you far away as there is so much to do and see around here that it would take a lot of time to do it all.

Still, you can choose to take a trip, go paddle on river rafting and tubing, take wildlife and nature tours, visit the Red Chilli for a real adventure, take a nice walking and sightseeing tour, go rafting, try shuttles and taxis or go to the jumping heights for some extreme adrenaline tours.

Adventure-ActivitiesYou can rent a bike or go kayaking and canoeing or team up with your friends for some local lessons and workshops. The options are literally endless and with a bit of imagination and effort, you can actually manage to do it all. All you need is a good organization.

Depending on what your personal taste is and what you prefer, taking a nature and wildlife tour would be a fine choice for starters. You can go camping and even join your tour with other tours on hand to continue the adventure. It is very easy to have a good time in Rishikesh.

With some excitement, you can easily relish the Himalayan charm while having the most enthralling vacation of your life. Rishikesh is a place of adventure sports and it is situated in the very heart of the beautiful Himalayan range. One of the very popular destinations for tourists is the River Ganga with its thunderous waters.

It is no wonder that people named Rishikesh the adventure capital of India as you can do everything revolving around adventure here. Activities like trekking, mountain biking, fox flying, bungee jumping, rappelling or cliff jumping are all available and all these activities are taking place under the guidance of professional guidance so safety is guaranteed.

Thrill seekers, underline junkies or simply lovers of adventure, everyone will be able to easily find something to their liking. When we are talking about travel packages, Rishikesh is among them.

Homestays in Kerala

Homestays in Kerala

If you are looking for homestays or hotels in Kerala, you will be very pleased to know that there are numerous possibilities and options when it comes to that. There are more than amazing air & hotel travel deals and it is quite easy to book a hotel but homestays are the most popular here. Homestays were meant to provide travelers and passengers with all the necessary facilities and comforts of a home regardless of the duration of the stay.

The best thing about the homestays is that they are incredibly cheap and simply perfect for exploring the lows and highs of Kerala. The hospitality here is famous all over the world as local families are totally used to receiving guests from all across the globe. It is exactly that hospitality that is a very significant and important part of the culture of people in Kerala area.

To be able to experience this hospitality first hand and enjoy interacting and exchanging cultural influences with the local folks is quite a unique feeling. Indian culture by itself is very diverse so experiencing something like this would be like having a role in the Indiana Jones movie, full of wonders, adventures and excitement.

How popular homestays in this area are says the fact that there is a research to find out which homestay in Kerala is the best. The answer is Ben’s Homestay. If you are planning on visiting, this would be your top choice when it comes to homestays. Not only that you will be able to enjoy the more than overwhelmingly beautiful and majestic Cochin backwaters in the sunset as well as the hammocks in the trees, but you will get a chance to stay in an independent bungalow that was newly built.

With a beautiful decoration and formidable layout, you will have all that you need like veranda or the outside bathroom. One of the best things about this particular homestays is that it is located in an extremely peaceful environment but still close enough to the nearest airport of Cochin which is very convenient for transfers.